Tennis Elbow – Ultrasound imaging

Tennis Elbow is the term often used for pain on the outside of the elbow; technically, it is for inflammation of the local tendons (Common Extensor Tendons). However, there can be several different causes for the pain, and careful assessment is needed to make a correct diagnosis, prior to treatment. Following the usual physiotherapy assessment, David may use the dynamic ultrasound scanner to image the local tissues, gaining more information about the local condition.
On the scan below, you can clearly see in the right hand frame very significant thickening and darkening of the Common Extensor Tendons which cross over the Radial Head and elbow joint, compared with the opposite elbow, which is pain free in the left hand frame. We’ve added an anatomy drawing to help you identify the tissues involved. (David says this is the biggest one he’s seen- they aren’t all like this! We referred this patient on for a formal scan)

Tennis Elbow Ultrasound scan

David is not a qualified sonographer. However like many physiotherapists in musculo-skeletal practice, he has received basic training in the use of ultrasound imaging equipment and uses it to confirm his assessment findings and measure progress in recovery from certain injuries.