Achilles Tendinitis or Tendonosis?

Achilles heel, tendinitis, tendinosis, tendonosis, tendinopathy…. Whatever you call it….It hurts!

We are seeing a lot of Achilles problems that are actually TENDONOSIS not TENDINITIS; Tendinitis is an inflammation problem, usually quite recent and the usual sports injury treatments (R.I.C.E.) especially ice, anti-inflammatory drugs etc work well. However Tendonosis is a longstanding problem, characterised by tendon thickening and tenderness, early morning stiffness, pain on over use,…. but there’s no true inflammation going on so ice and anti inflammatories don’t help much at all.

Tendonosis of the Achilles tendon is often resistant to all sorts of treatments traditionally given for this problem.

However, In recent years there have been a handful of new research studies suggesting a better approach to treating sore and swollen achilles tendon problems.

Our team will use a detailed examination of the tendon and related joints & tissues, often involving ultrasound imaging of the tendon, to measure any swelling or injury. Following this assessment, we will agree a course of treatment tailored to your needs; it will usually include a prescribed course of exercises.

We will offer shoe advice, other physical therapies and may prescribe orthotics as well, but the course of daily exercises (including ‘eccentric’ exercises) are the centre-point for treatment. There will be regular reviews of your progress to keep you on track to full cure, usually over a period of 12-16 weeks.