Running Injuries Physiotherapy Clinic

There are plenty of runners out there on the highways and byways training for their big challenges: the Brighton and London marathons aren’t far away.

So we’re starting to see some ‘overuse’ injuries as people ramp up their distances and pace. If you’re starting to get the odd niggle or soreness, now’s the time to get checked out before it ruins your chances!!

We offer a specialist physiotherapy running services to cater for the needs of all standards and disciplines of running.

Our Physio/Podiatry/Sports Massage teams have extensive knowledge and experience in working with running related disorders to help get you back on the road or track fast.

We specialise in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of running injuries and focus on technique, performance and prevention to help you make the most of your training time and keep you competitive.

David and the Sports Massage team closely with Podiatrists who can also help with running shoe advice and insoles and orthotics where required

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