Quality Physio :)

I’m very proud to announce that we have been awarded the Quality Assured Practitioner status by PhysioFirst (the professional organisation for private practitioner physios).
The scheme measures performance, provides us with a means of benchmarking our outcomes against national data, and statistically demonstrates quality.
In order to be eligible for QAP status practitioners must achieve a minimum of three of the five criteria (listed below). We achieved 4 out of 5, and only missed the fifth by 0.2%!
1 Waiting time to commence treatment: under 4.05days
2 Response to treatment (changes in Functional Physical & Subjective scores): changes greater than 2.23points (/10)
3 Number of treatments needed (between 2.47 and 4.18)
4 Treatment goals achieved (31.7% or more patients exceed or fully achieve their goals on discharge)
5 Positive discharge outcome of each course of treatment. (over 47% required).

Our New QAP status certificate