New Year Physio?

Did your New Year’s resolutions include exercise?

Or perhaps you’re training for the London or Brighton Marathon’s?

If you’re planning to start running or getting into a Keep Fit or Zumba class now it’s important you have the right footwear on for the sport, and build up SLOWLY.

If you’ve already set your sights on a ‘distance event’, you may well be starting to ramp up your pace and or distance now, so we have some advice for you. Strange to say it, but we’d rather you DIDN’T get injured and DIDN’T need our services!

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Starting running or a new exercise regime can feel like this...

Starting running or a new exercise regime can feel like this…








First of all, this advice is for all:-

Make sure your running/sport shoes are right for the chosen sport. That means trainers if you’re out running, and netball or even tennis- type shoes if you’re going to be in a gymn doing lots of sideways and stop-start movements (They support your feet better)

Make sure the shoes have some ‘life’ left in them; running shoes need replacing after …..



Muscles and tendons LOVE exercise, but there are some simple rules to follow. After any shock loading, tendons display a ‘reactive’ phase- it’s a bit like an inflammation reaction, and it lasts 24hrs . Following that, there’s a ‘resolution’ phase when things calm down again. This is a very healthy process, and leads to stronger, healthier tendons over an extended period of time.

The trouble is if you run every day, your muscles will get stronger, but your Achilles and Patella tendons will experience ‘shock->react’ repeatedly, but little or no ‘resolution’. It’s a good recipe for tendon breakdown somewhere down the line. So don’t run or shock load your tendons every day; every third day is plenty. you can always cycle, swim, workout in the gym on other days!

Warm up really well before you go out (but DON’T do long slow stretches), and then stretch out and warm down well afterwards- don’t neglect the warm down: you’ll be much more comfy as a result, and find the next bout of training much easier

If you do have some niggles or particularly tight areas, go and get assessed and advised by a good, qualified Chartered Physiotherapist like David; he’ll spend an hour doing a thorough examination, checking for muscle imbalances in length and strength, and give you detailed advice on any suitable stretching and strengthening.

If you need orthotics, one of our team of experienced Podiatrists are also on hand to assess and provide everything from temporary insoles from £35 to bespoke orthotics from £150 to keep you running injury free.

We also do a great service repairing/recovering existing orthotics that have taken a beating. It’s worth investing the time and money now rather than sustaining injury that will need repeated appointments, and may lose you that coveted place in the London or Brighton marathon…

Call reception on (01403) 276272 to see how we can help you.

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