Knee Pain

A knee replacement operation is carried out when the knee is badly damaged by arthritis causing severe pain and impaired motion. Most artificial knees are metal or plastic implants that cover the worn cartilage. After this operation, physiotherapy is essential for getting the best result from the new joint.

Using a range of exercises, physiotherapists will help you to regain muscle strength and movement so that you can walk normally as soon as possible. They will also teach you how to use crutches, and will ensure that you can carry out basic movements such as standing up, sitting down and going up and down stairs. After discharge from hospital, you will continue to see the physiotherapist until you have optimum function from the new joint.  This process can take several weeks, and will involve a carefully graded, increasing set of exercises designed to improve the range of movement, strength and function. The physio will also help you progress to either one crutch or walking stick at the appropriate time.

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