Going running or walking?

There are plenty of runners (and walkers) out there on the highways and byways now that the gyms are closed

So we’re starting to see some ‘overuse’ injuries as people get out and about doing ‘something different’! Exercise is a great way to refresh yourself, so long as you maintain social distancing and observe current government advice. If you’re used to going to the gym, you can maintain or build up some CV fitness outdoors, so long as you steer clear of others!

However, if you’re starting to get the odd muscle, tendon or joint niggle or soreness, now’s the time to get checked out before it cramps your style or stops you in your tracks!!

We offer a specialist physiotherapy running services to cater for the needs of all standards and disciplines of running. With current concerns over the Corona virus, we can offer a lot of advice over a video link using Skype or Zoom (use <david@bartholomewayclinic> to get in touch.

Our Physio/Podiatry team has extensive knowledge and experience in working with running and walking related disorders to help get you back on the road or track fast.

We specialise in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of running injuries and focus on technique, performance and prevention to help you make the most of your training time and keep you competitive. We can also help with advice on running shoes, insoles and orthotics where required

Call us now on (01403) 276272, email us using <david@bartholomewwayclinic.co.uk> or web request a call back to discuss your problem

You can use the same email address to find me on skype,
or to connect using ZOOM.